What we offer

3D/4D pregnancy sonar+ 2D sonar

  • Ultrasound are safe and non-invasive, they allow the doctor to look for any foetal abnormalities although not all conditions can be detected. With 4D technology we get an opportunity to get a more interactive view of the baby
  • 2D scans are black and white, where you can see the baby’s bony structures and soft tissue. We can measure the gestation (babys age) and see the gender
  • 3D/4D is a live scan, where you can see the dimensions and movement of the baby in real time. You can see the baby sucking their thumbs, swallowing and winking in a life like imagine. 4D scan take about 15-20 minutes to get the most perfect picture possible, depending on foetal position. 4D sonar can be done from 6weeks until 36 weeks
  • Contraception, infertility and menopause management

  • We do counseling on the different contraception options, in office we are able administer the 2 month or 3 month injectables. We also insert and remove implanon (implants)
  • Infertility affects 50-80 million people world wide, we offer expensive counseling and management of infertility. We do pap smears, blood work up and a 4D scan for a closer view at the structures of the uterus
  • We assist treating symptoms associated with menopause e.g. hotflashes, vaginal dryness
  • Skin analysis and treatment

  • Using cutting edge technology we are able to do a complete analysis on the components of your skin. With which we are then able to design a scientifically proven and safe treatment regime
  • We offer IV drips for skin pigmentation and tone, the drip are glutathione based which is a powerful naturally occurring anti-oxidant. Other vitamins and minerals are in the drip too assisting in meeting your skin goals
  • Breast screening

    Using an innovative device we are able to scan your breast in the office for any abnormality e.g. mass. The breast light

    General Examination

  • Management of all chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and HIV we do all the necessary blood work and urine tests required for optimal management. We fill prescriptions
  • We also treat acute day to day medical problems
  • Rapid HIV tests, glucose checks, cholesterol and blood level (haemoglobin) are done immediately in the consultation room

  • Medical Weightloss

    We provide scientifically proven medial weight loss programs.


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