Rapid HIV Test

The Rapid HIV test- is useful for routine testing and if you don’t want to wait several days for the results. The Rapid HIV test detects HIV antibodies in the blood. Most guys (about 90%) will develop enough HIV antibodies to be detected three to four weeks after infection. The Rapid HIV test gives you a result in a few minutes, eliminating the stress of waiting a week for results. The Rapid test uses a blood specimen taken by poking your finger with a lance and then drawing some of this blood into a fine plastic tube. The Rapid test is just as accurate as a Standard HIV test. If you test negative, then you do not require any further tests. If you are positive, then you will need a further blood test using a specimen that needs to be sent to a laboratory.

The Early HIV test- is useful if you’ve had a recent risk incident or a known exposure to HIV. The Early test reduces the window period (the time you have to wait before getting tested) to only seven to 14 days. The test is performed on a blood specimen taken from your arm, just like a Standard test. The Early HIV test looks for the actual HIV virus, not antibodies produced in response to the virus. That means the test can detect if you are infected when you are still in the window period of an antibody test.

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Rapid HIV Test

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